Those crazy Kiwis are at it again

The rest of the world probably looks at New Zealand and thinks we spend our weekends taking part in wacky and wild adventure activities.

Truth be told I’m actually happier at the movies or my favourite microbrew emporium, but with attractions like Auckland’s newly opened Skywalk it’s easy to understand any misconceptions.

In New Zealand’s biggest city you can already climb the harbour bridge (and bungy off it if you’re so inclined) and leap in a controlled fall from the 192 metre tall Sky Tower.

Now the Sky Tower is offering the chance to walk around its summit on a 1.2 metre wide walkway. Of course it’s safe as houses with more harnesses than a bondage convention, but the idea of wandering around in the open being battered by Auckland’s maritime breezes gives me the willies.

Mind you, I also write a regular column on Auckland urban adventures for a local magazine, so I’m just waitiing on a call from my editor to make the highrise journey myself.

Thanks to Skywalk for the pic.