New Sony PIIQ headphone lineup does style with wacky names

With names like Marqii, Giiq, Triqii, Qlasp and Exhale, you’d think I’d be describing the members of a new manufactured all girl band – but these are actually the names for a new line of headphones from Sony. Not content to miss the stylish headphone bandwagon, Sony developed an impressive lineup of 16 different headphones, from a pair of DJ style on-ear headphones to a completely insane pair of gas mask styled in-ear buds.

The lineup consists of the following:

  • Exhale – 13.5mm driver with bass boost ports and a “gas mask” look
  • Qlasp – 9mm in-ear with lobe clasp (yes – these “hang” on like an earring)
  • Triqii – Flat cord, on ear and bass boosting drivers
  • Giiq – 30mm on-ear with a fully padded headband
  • Marqii – DJ style on ear headphones with a detachable cord and large 40mm drivers

Now, obviously not everything in this lineup will appeal to all tastes, but I do think that the designers managed to come up with some great designs. I’m not too thrilled with the gas mask look of the Exhales, and find them rather tasteless, but as usual, I’m sure someone out there disagrees with me, and will be heading to their local store to pick up a pair right now.

Prices are very reasonable and start at $14.99 for the Exhales up to $99.99 for the DJ friendly Marqii headphones. You’ll find the entire PIIQ lineup at the Sonystyle mini-site, or at your local Sony retailer.