New York’s New Museum adds sleek slide

With the addition of a slide, New York’s New Museum just made the cut for my ‘Next Time I Visit NYC‘ bucket list. This new slide at the museum doesn’t appear to be your run of the mill slide. No. I don’t suspect you would find a slide like this in the playground adjacent to the school nearest to your home. With a transparent ceiling and a metallic silver casing, the “Carsten Holler: Experience” exhibition features this slide, which plummets through the floors of the museum.

The object of this show seems to be a transformation of time and space, experienced by the viewer. Employing Holler’s Mirror Carousel, the Experience Corridor, and plenty of other twisting features alongside the slide, this show seems like one of the most magical museum attractions in New York right now. The show is open to the public now through January 15th, 2012 and can be viewed in the Lobby, Second, Third, and Fourth floors. Check out this Flickr photo set, which documents the installation of Experience.