Daily gear deal – Rosewill portable DVD drive for $60 + free bonus

So, you got yourself one of those shiny new Netbook computers, but you are only now beginning to realize that the lack of a built in DVD drive is a bit of a pain?

Then this Rosewill portable DVD drive may be just what you need to become happy again with your purchase.

The unit is powered off the USB port on your computer, so you won’t have to drag a power brick along with you. The drive can read and write to DVD discs which means you can use it to watch a movie, or to burn a backup of stuff to a recordable CD or DVD.

Included in the box is the USB cable and a version of the NERO CD/DVD recording suite.

If you purchase by April 30th, you’ll even get a 4GB USB memory stick thrown into the deal for free as well as free shipping.