Daily deal – Toshiba 320GB external USB hard drive for $74.99

My daily deal for this afternoon is for (yet another) Toshiba portable external hard drive. Two weeks ago, I posted a good deal on a 250GB drive, but as prices continue to drop, you can now pick up a 320GB portable drive for just $10 more.

Besides being a really good deal, there are several other reasons why I think everyone who travels with their computer should invest in a portable drive.

For starters – the 320GB storage space should be enough to hold multiple backups of most of your important files. In addition to this, it can also make a safe place to store photos and videos you make on your trip, I know several people who made over 1000 photos, and lost every single one of them when their laptop hard drive crashed before arriving back home.

The best part about these portable drives is that they can be powered off the USB port of your laptop or desktop computer, which means you don’t have to drag an additional power supply along with you.

Another great thing a large external drive can do, is add more storage space for music or video files – especially since many small laptop computers only come with limited space. You’ll find this Toshiba 320GB portable hard drive on sale at Amazon for $74.99, which includes free shipping.