This is Melbourne…Wow! (confusing video edition)

Ever wanted to visit Melbourne? Well dear traveler, today’s your (un)lucky day! We’re going to take you on a video tour of Australia’s second largest city like you’ve never seen it before – down streets lined with “fanciful emporiums!” Inside a place where restaurants serve meals chock full of “extrinsic flavors!” and past public spaces adorned with the work of “young genius.” Wait…huh?

If you’re feeling confused (or even a little deceived) not to worry. We are too. Apparently the above production, crafted by the geniuses at Powervision (Asia Pacific), is a tourist DVD intended to wow visitors with Melbourne’s show-stopping beauty, mouth-watering cuisine and buzzing nightlife. We’re not so sure it’s working. Then again, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to visit the “Big Spine”? Give it a watch and decide for yourself.