Eye-Fi celebrates their anniversary with a new 4GB card

The Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card has been a personal favorite of mine for quite some time. The only thing that could improve it in my opinion, would have been more storage space. And that wish has now come true with the Eye-Fi Anniversary Edition 4GB card.

The special edition card features the same fantastic wireless upload capability of their award winning 2GB cards, but with twice the storage space.

The Eye-Fi Explore card was recently selected as one of Gadling’s top 25 travel products of 2008, so yes – it is that good.

Eye-Fi has a great overview of how the card works on their site.

The Anniversary Edition Eye-Fi card retails for $129 on the Eye-Fi site, or just $99 from Costco.com. If you plan to purchase the Eye-Fi anniversary edition card, please be sure to check your camera for SDHC compatibility. Most recent camera models won’t have a problem with SDHC, but it pays to be sure.