Round-the-World on Horseback

A lot of people take round-the-world trips: sometimes solo, sometimes by bike, sometimes on a motorcycle, sometimes by foot. Here’s one I haven’t heard yet: Round-the-world by horse.

“Rodeo Star and Western Reenactor” Ezra Cooley, 27, from Chico, California, and his two horses, Red and pack horse Jahob, are currently making their way across the United States (he’s currently near Fort Madison, Iowa Wappingers Falls, NY, it seems), from California to New York. From there, he will board a ship headed for Spain, where he will reunite with Red and Jahob, and ride through Africa, on to Australia, South America, and Mexico before coming home to California.

“This is a pretty big thing I am trying to attempt,” he writes in his journal on the day before leaving. Big indeed.