Video of the day: Brooklyn fireworks gone astray

Fourth of July Fireworks on South 4th from Steve Smith on Vimeo.

Having had zero fireworks in Austin, Texas for July 4th, I found myself nonchalantly scrolling through my Facebook feed. I was eager to live vicariously through friends of mine seemingly everywhere else who were actually able to celebrate Independence Day via fireworks. I was on the hunt for status updates that would scratch that itch. And then it happened: I clicked on this video that was posted by a friend. In an aim to take a gander at some Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I checked out this little shot here and found myself suddenly grateful that there weren’t fireworks going off in Austin this past weekend.

Considering the purported patriotism of Texans in particular, one that I can at least sometimes back up as being intense, a ban on fireworks for July 4th could have imaginably led to fireworks like the street. And maybe those fireworks would have gone a bit astray like they do in this video. I’m happy I didn’t have to find out.