Locate Fast Food Restaurants with FastFoodMaps.com

It may be the most superfluous website on the entire Internet, but it’s done well. FastFoodMaps.com provides a Google Maps interface for locating fast food restaurants around the United States. If you’re having problems locating a fast food restaurant in America, something is wrong. In fact, I’d urge you to not locate a fast food restaurant on your next road trip. Impossible.

Even so, FastFoodMaps.com serves its purpose and does it well. Houston seems to have the highest concentration of fast food restaurants, with just over 500 in the greater metro area. You can filter results by location, of course, but also by restaurant. Houston has almost 130 McDonald’s.

Also interesting is the their static maps which shows the distribution of various chains from around the country. The image above is every McDonald’s in the U.S.

FastFoodMaps.com [via]