Seventh Annual Bicycle Film Festival

Calling all fat tire, skinny tire, single tire and bicycle fans across the planet… It looks as if the 7th Annual Bicycle Film Festival is preparing to kick off between May 16-20 in NYC and they are still accepting submissions for films with a strong theme or character for bicycles. Submissions are being accepted until March 1, 2007. All mediums and styles are being selected so if you’ve got any well-cut footage of the time you pulled dare-devil like stunts over the Great Wall or spent a summer slowly cycling across the Australian outback, this may be a great opportunity to put it to use, show and tell and further more to attend a really gnarly film festival.

Festival days will go beyond throwing back popcorn in a dark dimly lit theater watching film. There will be a bike parade, street party, rocks shows as well as an art show featuring works by Michel Gondry, Swoon, Shepard Fairey, and Peter Sutherland. Surely this news must have rocked your socks off or your pedal, bike chain or whatever!!! While I don’t have any films to submit myself if I find myself anywhere in and around the NYC area during the May dates I’ll be there. The Bicycle Film Festival also takes place in LA, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, London, Sydney and Tokyo and many others. See the website for additional details.