Photo of the Day – Matryoshka dolls

For travelers, Russia is a country that is at once fascinating and baffling. An oft-cited metaphor for Russia’s many charms and mysteries is the Matryoshka doll, a typical wooden figurine pictured in today’s photo. At first glance, the Matryoshka appears to be a single doll, but when opened, reveals a series of ever-smaller figures inside. Adding to the mystery of today’s photo, taken by Flickr user Christian Carollo Photography, is the fact the photo wasn’t taken in Russia at all – the shot is actually from Philadelphia.

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Photo of the day 9.14.09

You may have noticed that today, we at Gadling have been sharing some of the weirder places of the United States. So it seems only fitting that for today’s Photo of the Day, we feature this strange photograph of Mr. Sneffles, shared by AlphaTangoBravo/Adam Baker in our Gadling Flickr Pool. Says the photographer:

“Mr. Sneffels wasn’t happy up on the summit due to the weather. He kept telling me I should stop taking pictures and go down.

It started snowing about 10 min after this shot. Mr. Sneffels is smarter than he looks.”

Okay, then.

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