Word for the Travel Wise (04/22/06)

Ah, Fiji, land of beautiful tropical paradise, shallow
reefs, clear cool waters and sacred caves. Who wouldn’t want to take a vacation to the South Pacific Island? I’ve got
a friend I’ve been begging for years now to let me tag along the next time she goes to visit family and another mutual
friend who wanted to make me one of his 12 wives, spoil me rotten and stay and play in Fiji all I wanted. For a while I
laughed off his crazy multiple wife chatter thinking I’d be able to zip over on vaca with my gal pal, but these days I’m
wondering if he’s still accepting applications.

Today’s word is a Fijian word used in Fiji:

daulomani – husband

Okay, I wouldn’t marry for a tropical island vacation and don’t act like you’ve never thought of it before, I’m
talking Fiji here. You have to understand where I’m coming from. Perhaps wife number 3 or 7 wouldn’t be so bad. Luckily
I have some time to sort out my thoughts and brush up on the Fijian lang. I just might need it in the event I ever
decide to head out on my own to search for a husband who will want me and only me. How sad does this sound? Anyhow,
let’s get onto the language resources, shall we?

has about 850 words translating from Fijian-English and vice versa. The author of the site has a small
disclaimer up top to remind those of us seeking methods to learn Fijian tongue online, that theirs may not be the most
accurate and to use at your own risk. Rob Kay’s Fiji Guide
has a pronunciation guide in addition to several useful words and historical background on the Fijian language
including Fijian Hindi. Before clicking into the two above, check out Wiki for other interesting lingo facts.