Ingmar Bergman’s Sweden: Fårö Island

There was a political cartoon I came across of two people leaving the Simpson’s movie saying to each other “Who’s Ingmar Bergman.” The cartoon was prompted by the recent death of Ingmar Bergman, the prolific Swedish film director and the box-office success of The Simpson’s movie.

Bergman’s movies introduced me to Scandinavia–and deep thoughts, and later prompted my attraction to the college program I did at the University of Copenhagan in Denmark. (Okay, Denmark isn’t Sweden, but it’s close–just a ferry ride away.) Sometimes all it takes is a high school film class’s showing of the Seventh Seal to open up the world as a place worth exploring. I think this was the first movie I ever saw with subtitles. Being an avid film-goer, friends have called me Tom, one of the main characters in the Glass Menagerie, films have connected me to many places in the world. Some places I’ve been to–others I have not.

Hearing that he had died got me looking for places to see in Scandinavia with an Ingmar Bergman connection. One place you can go to is Fårö Island, the place where Bergman lived. Here’s a recent read “Sweden: The Director’s Cut” by Oliver Bennet who headed there on a pilgrammage to bask in the influences of Bergman’s world. There are wonderful descriptions and impressions that make me want to go here myself someday.

For a wonderful essay on Bergman’s influences, check out “Woody Allen Remembers.” Woody Allen and Ingmar Bergman were long time friends. This photo is from Lifecruiser’s Fårö 2006 Summer set on Flickr. They’re all gorgeous. I had the hardest time picking one.