Video: One Day In Yosemite National Park

On June 26 of last year, 30 filmmakers descended on Yosemite National Park to take part in a very interesting project. They spread out across the park’s 761,000 acres in an effort to capture the essence of a single day in that iconic place. They shot footage of the landscapes, wildlife, visitors and staff. They managed to record images from that day that were both sprawling in scope as well as intimate and personal. And at the end of the day, everything they captured on film was turned over to Steven Bumgardner, the park’s official videographer, who compiled everything into the stunning short film that you’ll find below.

Ever wondered what a day in Yosemite is like? Watch the video and find out. Enjoy!

From Sunrise To Sunset By Boat In Venice, Italy

Created by Swiss filmmaker Joerg Niggli during two separate trips to Italy, “Venice in a Day” shows a day in Venice from sunrise to sunset. The time-lapse video shows viewers the beautiful city of Venice, or “The Floating City,” with a ride up the Grand Canal and a tour from Rialto Bridge to Piazza San Marco. There are also some unique shots being taken from the moving boat, which creates a really vivid, first-person perspective. During the creation, a budget-friendly Canon G10 was used along with Motion, After Effects and Final Cut Pro X used to edit. Music is by Heart of Champions, Chris Haigh and

Video: Filmmakers ‘Make It Count’ By Circling The Globe In 10 Days

Filmmaker Casey Neistat was recently contracted by sports apparel giant Nike to create a short film about its Fuelband, a high-tech bracelet designed to keep track of our workouts. Nike was hoping to build social media buzz around a new ad campaign that featured the tagline, and Twitter hashtag, #makeitcount. Turns out Casey and his buddy Max “made it count” by using Nike’s money to fund a 10-day round the world adventure that saw them visit Paris, Cairo, Johannesburg and a host of other interesting destinations before running out of money.

The two men filmed their little excursion and the resulting short film can be found below. The video is a fantastic mix of truly great travel destinations interspersed with inspiring quotes from a variety of prominent historical figures. The combination of the two will leave you wanting to make your own round-the-world journey, although figuring out how to get Nike to fund it is an entirely different challenge.

Travel company to host third annual cycling film festival

Ciclismo Classico, an adventure travel company that specializes in bike tours, has put out a call for entries for their third annual film festival to be held later this spring. The event gives aspiring filmmakers the chance to show off their skills, while also earning them an opportunity to win a cycling trip of their choice.

The event, which is the only film fest in the U.S. dedicated solely to bike travel, will take place May 17th in the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA. The evening will feature some of the best short, independent films that highlight the joy and adventure of two-wheeled travel, whether that’s around the block or around the globe. The only stipulations are that the film must be between 3 minutes and one hour in length and focuses exclusively on cycling travel.

The entry fee for the competition is just $25, although entries received before February 1st receive a $5 early-bird discount. All submissions are due by March 1st and the selection committee will notify the filmmakers of their inclusion in the festival by early April. The ultimate winner, which will be selected by a grand jury on the night of the festival, will receive a Ciclismo Classico cycling tour valued at $2600. An additional winner will be awarded at the event based on an audience vote as well.

Whether you’re an amateur who enjoys making your own movies, or the next Spielberg looking for your big break, this is a great opportunity. Not only do you have the chance to screen your short film in front of a live audience (other than your mom!), but you could also go home with a free trip too.

Video of the Day – Summer in the Alps

If you could capture your favorite snippets of summer, what would they be? Backyard barbecues? Ambitious road trips? A visit to your favorite lake?

Today’s Video of the Day is a gorgeous montage of summer moments from the French & Italian Alps, compiled by French filmmaker and mountain guide Sebastien Montaz-Rosset. Sebastien writes that he “filmed and edited what I personally like in the mountain culture: sports, lifestyle, art of living, culture and people”. The result is a dream-like sequence that shows off some of the best action and most beautiful scenes that the Alps have to offer.

Share your own favorite moments of summer with us! Submit your photos the Gadling Group on Flickr, or leave a link to your best videos in the comments section below. It could wind up as our next Photo / Video of the Day!