Financial Tips for Travel Overseas

Gadling reader, Jimmy Atkinson sent us a link to a financial tip sheet guide, “27 Personal Finance Tips for Overseas Travel.” Whenever my husband and I have traveled or lived overseas, there are always the questions of how much cash to bring, when to use a credit card and when to bring travelers checks. Generally, we’ve done a combination depending on what country we’ve traveled to.

In some countries, cold cash works wonders. In Vietnam, for example, I’ve paid for some things, like cyclo rides, in U.S. dollars. In Nigeria, I was on a small group tour and we had a heck of a time getting traveler’s checks cashed, even at a bank. U.S. dollars were easier to trade. Credit cards aren’t taken every where once you get away from some popular travel spots.

This 27 step guide is written with a checklist approach with each step carefully explained to help make sure you’ve thought of all points you need to think about before you head out of town. Each of the 27 points could almost be a post on their own. What sort of traveler you are and your situation might determine what steps you will heed, but all are worth considering. Most are handy items to think of even if you are traveling in your own country. The photo is from global glenn at Flickr. If you look at the larger version, you can see other travel packing suggestions.