Photo of the day – A day at the beach

Sometimes a perfect day at the beach isn’t all cerulean blue skies and crystal clear water. Sometimes it’s a windy afternoon, after the season is over, but you can enjoy the solitude and serenity of the ocean. Flickr user t2mujin took in such a scene on a March day in Lisbon, Portugal for today’s Photo of the Day. We might be looking at a fisherman‘s gear or just someone eager for summer, even if winter hasn’t quite made a final exit.

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Photo of the day – The Old Man and the Sea

Context is a funny thing. If this man were, say, working on his car in Passaic, New Jersey, we wouldn’t find him very romantic or interesting. But put him on a boat on the Adriatic Sea in Slovenia and he’s now a perfect travel photo subject, thanks to Flickr user SummitVoice1. He makes us sigh and think, “That’s the life. Just a man, a simple boat and the open water.”

He should still probably put on a clean shirt, though. Fare thee well, old salt, hope your day is smooth sailing!

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Photo of the Day (12.12.10)

The faded colors and textures of Flickr user clee130’s photo from the Caribbean island of Curaçao caught my eye today. I love the bright red shirt and hat of the fisherman, the grimy patterns streaking the side of his boat and the soft green textures of the glassy water behind him. Add the slightly off-center “tilt” of the camera and you’ve got a relatively simple image with a lot of intriguing details lurking just below the surface.

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Photo of the Day (09.06.10)

Seeing as it’s Labor Day, it seemed fitting to find a photo that paid tribute to the men and women all over the world who work their tails off. When we travel, we so often take countless photos of fisherman, cooks and other people who toil in conditions ranging from comfortable to downright inhumane. While we are on holiday, we glamorize the hard work of the people we observe to the point of romanticizing it. Work is work, though, and behind every exquisite photo of those tireless men and women is a story made of sweat, determination and, very often, survival.

This photo by Flickr user Michael Joseph Goldst…etc shows one such man who struck a pose, permitted a photograph and then went about his day. This man, a Uruguayan fisherman, makes for one hell of a photo subject. For him, though, it was most likely nothing more than an unusual moment on his morning walk to work.

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Photo of the Day (1.31.2010)

It’s tough to take really good candid photos of strangers. First you have to work up the courage to talk to them. Plus you have to convince your subject not to “pose” for you. It’s tricky business. That’s why I’m so impressed with Flickr user don.wright for catching this Vietnamese fisherman in action. The toothy smile, combined with the photogenic seaside background helps us catch a glimpse of our subject’s true personality.

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