Photo Of The Day: Korean Daejeon Style

Photo of the day - Korean lights

Recently the Korean pop music hit video for “Gangnam Style” has hit a world record for the most “likes” on YouTube, beating out even Justin Bieber, and has spawned countless parodies, wannabes, and flash mobs. Today’s Photo of the Day is a slightly more subdued Korea, taken by Flickr user AdamJamesWilson in South Korea‘s Daejeon, about an hour by high-speed train from Seoul (and Gangnam, of course). The photographer notes that the lights are part of an art installation, partly to disguise the entrance of a parking lot. The lights and the couple in silhouette give the photo a romantic and dreamy quality, though you know just after the photo was taken they broke into a pony dance.

Send us your favorite travel moments, especially if they involve cool dance moves. Add them to the Gadling Flickr pool for a future Photo of the Day.

Super Mario flashmob takes over the Chicago, Illinois, Magnificent Mile

On Wednesday, more than 90 costumed Super Marios took over the streets of the Chicago, Illinois, Magnificent Mile. Around lunchtime, the flash mob broke out into dance in front of the John Hanock Center in an effort to promote Ninetendo’s new video game, Super Mario 3D Land.

As you can see in the video, one man really enjoyed Nintendo’s marketing efforts (although he had some trouble getting the moves down). The mobsters in the video are part of “Attack!”, a company that organizes promotional flash mobs around the country.

Check it out for yourself:

View more videos at:

VIDEO: Flash mob at Beirut Airport duty free

Flash mobs are nothing new, Lisbon even staged a dance at the airport in 2009, but this flash mob at Beirut Airport is the first I’ve seen with Arab Dabke dance. Dabke is a form of line dance which is traditionally performed at weddings and social occasions, and the group here combined it with some hip hop steps. Passengers and airport staff joined in the fun for this video made for Beirut‘s Duty Free (which, incidentally, has amazingly low prices and Lebanese wine is delicious).

Seen any flash mobs on your travels? Would you stop and watch a “spontaneous” dance at an airport?

17,000 people overtake London Liverpool street station – for a Flashmob

Flashmobbing is not new – in fact, the last time a massive flashmob took place at a railway station, it became one of the most popular posts we’ve ever covered here on Gadling.

This newest flashmob took place in London several days ago, and all started when a Facebook member saw a TV commercial for T-Mobile.

Inspired by the dance routines in that commercial, he invited a couple of friends to the station so they could have a little fun.

And of course, with the way social networks operate, a couple of friends invited their friends, who invited some of their friends, and this eventually turned into 17,000 people making their way towards Liverpool street station.

Check out the video for yourself. The event was so successful that more of them are being planned, but nothing beats the spontaneous kind of gathering put together by a single Facebook message.