Parisian teenagers flash, steal cash

Let’s start with the lesson first: if you’re going to Paris, take out all the cash you need at home. There’s a new scam at work … using the oldest trick in the book.

Think about the last time you went to a gentlemen’s club. As breasts went bare, men parted with their money. It’s utterly predictable. Now, assume you have two girls who can’t dance – and aren’t old enough to become strippers. How could they employ this technique for financial gain?

Two 14-year-olds in Paris figured out a way.

In the Sixth Arrondissement, the duo set out to distract ATM users and swipe their cash. After waving a newspaper at one person, according to a Reuters report, one of the criminal masterminds “allegedly opened her shirt and grabbed his [the user’s] genital area, while her accomplice took the 300 euros (about $385) that the machine spit out.”

And this isn’t the first time they used the technique. They did the same thing to lift 500 euros from a female ATM user. Taking the scam to a new low, however, they enlisted the help of an even younger accomplice.

While USA Today offers a handful of tips for avoiding ATM-related theft in Europe, here’s a good one: keep your eyes off the jailbait.

[photo by jonklinger via Flickr]

Disney stops looking for breasts after a decade of trying

Why do I always miss the good stuff?

Disney has announced that it’s no longer going to scan riders on Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and California Screamin … for unfettered chests. Apparently, women are known on these rides from time to time to flash for the camera. Though I’ve looked for it on each ride, I’ve never witnessed these public displays of exuberance.

I’m not sure why this warrants an announcement, as Disney does say that such acts are rare. But, every now and then, a bare pair winds up in a souvenir photo. The parks will no longer be looking for this – which means everyone else will be.

The company began looking 10 years ago, unlike the rest of us, who started when we were around 12.