Lisbon airport brings some Christmas joy – flashmob style!

Christmas time at the airport is usually a time of doom, gloom, pushing and waiting in line. Portuguese airline TAP and the Portuguese Airport Authority decided to spice things up at Lisbon airport with a massive dance and music show. Bonus points for spotting the dancing Santa.

Watch for yourself, and see the joy this brought to the passengers. How do you think this would go down at your local airport? Would the TSA have the happy people shot, or just tasered?

(Thanks Rita!)

17,000 people overtake London Liverpool street station – for a Flashmob

Flashmobbing is not new – in fact, the last time a massive flashmob took place at a railway station, it became one of the most popular posts we’ve ever covered here on Gadling.

This newest flashmob took place in London several days ago, and all started when a Facebook member saw a TV commercial for T-Mobile.

Inspired by the dance routines in that commercial, he invited a couple of friends to the station so they could have a little fun.

And of course, with the way social networks operate, a couple of friends invited their friends, who invited some of their friends, and this eventually turned into 17,000 people making their way towards Liverpool street station.

Check out the video for yourself. The event was so successful that more of them are being planned, but nothing beats the spontaneous kind of gathering put together by a single Facebook message.