Virgin America’s Fly Girls premiere party: insider access

The launch date of CW network’s reality television show Fly Girls is drawing near, the inside story of five, sexy Virgin America flight attendants working, traveling and crashing through the crazy jet set life together.

While the official series premiere date is March 24, Virgin America gave a few lucky folks an inside preview of the series on a secret flight between Los Angeles and Las Vegas last week. The chaps at Gadling were lucky enough to score a few tickets for the ride.

Things kicked off in Los Angeles at terminal 4 of LAX on Friday the 26th, wayward passengers filtering in from all corners of the continent to participate in the festivities. Our good friend Johnny Jet met us at the gate, and before long the lovely ladies from Fly Girls as well as David Cush, CEO of Virgin America appeared from the jet bridge and welcomed the salivating passengers aboard.

The brief flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas was only 50 minutes long, but Virgin America and CW were able to pack in plenty of activity, from the Fly Girls themselves handing out specially crafted Veev cocktails to celebratory announcements to the climax of the flight: an exclusive preview of the pilot episode.

Cheers erupted as the show came to a close and the aircraft landed at McCarran airport, and as the crowd snaked towards the Palazzo and Emeril’s Stadium, there was a steady buzz of excitement and festivity growing.


The Fly Girls would reemerge on the red carpet in front of the Palazzo Las Vegas, posing with countless celebrities and answering questions about the show, just before heading into Lagasses Stadium for an on-stage kickoff and all night dance party. For more details on that you can check out this week’s Travel Talk.

It was a fantastic way to begin what’s sure to be an interesting and revealing look into the lives of Virgin America flight attendants in the Fly Girls series. Be sure to tune in on March 24th to see the premiere.

Galley Gossip: Fly Girls, a flight attendant docu-series airing soon

The first thing I thought when I heard about the new flight attendant show called Fly Girls was, why didn’t they ask me! Not that I really want to be on a reality show. It’s just…well…it would have been kind of nice to have been asked.

The second thing I thought was, I wonder if any of the “fly girls” are guys? Because guys do fly, and that Virgin America flight attendant over there, the one donning the inflatable yellow life vest, is lookin pretty fly to me. I’m just saying…

The third thing I thought was, oh no. Because whenever flight attendants are in the spotlight it’s rarely a good thing. People seem to have a love hate relationship with flight attendants. Actually, it’s more of a love to hate type of relationship. Don’t believe me? Just go and read a few of the comments the Galley Gossip post flight attendant pet peeve #1, answer please! generated.

Just last week I read about Dave Vontesmar, a flight attendant who drives over 30 miles from his home in Phoenix to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport while wearing a monkey mask. He does this in order to illegally pass through the photo-enforcement gantlet on Interstate 17. Vontesmar truly believes the DPS is required to identify the driver of the vehicle, not just the vehicle, so he’s fairly confident he won’t have to pay the fines that the monkey mask wearer, whoever that may be, accumulated for 37 violations, an amount that could easily rack up to over $6,500.

Of course the first thing I thought when I read that story was, what if passengers wore monkey masks on board our planes? Would they, too, be exempt from following the rules. Of course this only reminded me of the time I actually had a monkey on board my flight. She sat in business class and was one of the most well behaved passengers I’ve ever met. But that’s another story.

This story is about Flight attendants and how we, flight attendants, already have a bad rap. Not that some of us don’t deserve it, because Dave and his monkey mask are a big part of the problem. I’m just saying, do we really need a reality show that could possibly make us look even worse? Because you know there will be drama. You know there will be sex. And you know this show is going to be a huge hit! Don’t believe me? One of the executive producers is Colin Nash. Name doesn’t ring a bell? Perhaps you’ve heard of one of his other shows, The Hills?

Here’s what Mike Bruno of had to say about the show…

The CW announced today that its new docu-series Fly Girls, which gives a glimpse into the lives of five “beautiful Virgin America flight attendants,” is set to debut midseason. The network describes the series as being “about real, down-to-earth young women who happen to have landed in an exceptionally glamorous, high-flying career filled with exotic locations and handsome strangers.” In eight half-hour episodes, the show will follow the flight attendants to Las Vegas, South Beach, and New York City, as well as give a peek into their shared home-base “crash pad” in Los Angeles.

Now here’s what worries me…

  • It’s a “docu-series” That’s a fancy name for reality show. It also leads me to believe that most of the show will be scripted. Just like The Hills.
  • Use of the phrase, “beautiful Virgin flight attendants” Need I say more?
  • And then there’s that last bit in the second sentence – “filled with exotic locations and handsome strangers.” Oh you better believe I’ll be tuning in to watch! Just to make sure they get it right, of course.
  • Note the locations listed: Las Vegas, South Beach, and New York City. You know what that means, don’t you? Las Vegas equates to clubbing and South Beach has got to be code for bikinis. New York can only mean one thing – shopping! Hmm…I’m flight attendant and I’m based in New York and I like to shop, so maybe, just maybe….kidding, people! (Kind of)
  • As for their shared home-base “crash pad” in Los Angeles, I can’t wait to see that. Something tells it’s going to look more like one of the luxurious digs featured on The Bachelor than a real life crash pad. Anyway, don’t the producers know a “crash pad” is only used by commuting flight attendants, not flight attendants who are based in the city in which they live? Seriously.

I’m sure Fly Girls is going to be a great show. I know I’m going to watch it. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch, and I quote, “real, down-to-earth young women who happen to have landed in an exceptionally glamorous, high-flying career.”

Wait a minute, did they actually use the words ” exceptionally glamorous career” to describe the job?

Forgive me, I almost forgot, it’s a docu-series.

Photos courtesy of Xeni and Moody75