Lady attempts to fly out of Dallas Fort Worth airport – in her car

Taking your car to the airport is usually a hassle – high parking rates, strict cops that refuse to let you wait more than 2 minutes in front of the terminal, and of course pesky toll collectors. At DFW airport, Yasmine Villasana really wanted to leave as quickly as possible – because she attempted to take off using the barrier at the toll plaza.

Upon landing, she managed to get out of her car (unharmed) and made a phone call while she watched her vehicle burst into flames. DFW spokesman David Magana told the Dallas Observer that “The driver was, as you might guess, suspected of inebriation and investigated for such and arrested for such.”

She’s very lucky she didn’t kill the toll booth operator or herself – that is one impressive jump – the Duke boys would be mighty proud of her. The Dallas Observer has her mug shot, along with a full police report.