Healthy travel: a tip list

You can never have too much travel advice, in my opinion. You can have bad travel advice, but the folks at online travel news site eTurboNews have compiled a great list of tips designed to help you keep your arteries unclogged and your spine in alignment while you fly or road-trip this summer. Nothing new or ground-breaking, but definitely worth repeating.

Part of the list is dedicated to finding more nutritious alternatives to fatty, sodium-laden airport and airline fare. Since childhood, I’ve possessed a deep phobia of airline food, so I’ve always brought my own in-flight meals. Now that tight-fisted domestic airlines are depriving passengers of even a bag of pretzels, all the more reason to hit the grocery store the day before you travel. If you frequently travel last-minute, make sure you keep a stash of healthy snacks, such as unsweetened dried fruit, granola bars, or nuts in the pantry so you can grab-and-go.

There’s good advice, too, on little things you can do to avoid tweaking your back or neck, and preventing those unsightly varicose veins. I would add that deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a much more serious, life-threatening issue on long-haul flights. Get up once an hour and take a lap around the plane, and move your legs by doing some stretches in your seat. Happy, unbloated, limber travels!


Use airplane aromatherapy – Airplane tip

Obese fliers, crying babies and ever-shrinking legroom get lots of press, but the stinky guy is a frequent flier’s worst nightmare. While a good book and your favorite music can distract from the physical discomfort of flying, sitting next to or even near to something with very strong body odor can be downright nauseating.

Travel pros come prepared. I carry Origins Peace of Mind on planes and dab a bit under my nose to block unpleasant odors. Unlike dousing yourself in strong perfume, the scent won’t bother your neighbors. In a pinch, alternatives include Vapor-Rub, essential oils and pulse-point creams.