Video: Violinist In The Mountains Of Iran

I love hearing different music when I travel, and often it’s the music I remember the most. One of my clearest memories of Bulgaria, for example, is an elderly woman on the streets of Sofia singing a folk song. Even though I didn’t know the words, the song stuck with me.

Here’s a video of another chance encounter with traditional music, this time in Iran. Youtube poster bornainspain was hiking in the mountains outside Iran’s capital Tehran and came across this old gentleman playing a catchy tune on a bright red violin. The caption says it’s a very old Persian melody. It sounds familiar, though, and I don’t think I heard it when I went to Iran back in 1994. Can anyone tell me the name of this tune?

Whatever it is, he plays it well and this video points out one of the best things about travel – the chance encounters that make lasting memories. Do you have any fond musical memories from your travels? Tell us about them in the comments section!

Vietnamese Water Puppet Show

If you’re ever in Hanoi don’t miss the Water Puppet Theater-even if you think you are not a puppet kind of person. This show is not just geared for kids, but meant to delight adults as well. Water puppetry started in farming communities when rice paddies were used as the stage. These days, puppeteers stand in water, chest deep, behind a curtain. The puppets are fastened onto poles and boards and are manipulated using the water as part of the scenery. Here’s a video sampling of what you will see. Sometimes the puppet troupe goes on tour. If it comes through your town, don’t miss it. Thanks, English Tim for the You Tube post.