Twitter Follow Friday — launch edition

Welcome to a new weekly feature here on Gadling – Twitter Follow Friday. For the sake of this article, I’ll assume that you know what Twitter is (or that you are willing to go look it up).

In Twitter Follow Friday, we’ll pick some of the best tweets of the week, and help you follow the Gadling team on Twitter. There are several ways to add us to your own Twitter account – but the easiest is to head on over to TweepML.

Inside TweepML, we have created a list with the entire team, and you can add us with just one click.

That was pretty easy eh? If you’d prefer to follow us the new way (Twitter Lists), then you’ll want to start following this list: Twitter Gadling list. And finally, if you’d prefer to keep things to a minimum, just follow the @Gadling account.

Now that you are following us, its time to move on to some of the best tweets of the past week. Every week, we’ll select some of the best stuff from the 1,072 people we follow. If you found something really good, or you’d just like to pimp your own Tweets, let us know with a tweet or RT using the hash tag #gadlingtweets.

Here are some of the best Tweets we caught this week – if you like what you see, why not start following these people? We’ve made a Tweepml making it easier to add them all in just one click!

Today’s first, comes from newbie Gadling blogger Melanie Nayer (@chic_travel). I’m convinced that if we follow her great articles, we’ll eventually learn just what that “understanding” is.

Ain’t this the truth – the day you become the answer of a question in our awesome weekly travel trivia, you know you have finally “arrived”. Not entirely sure where you’ve arrived, but you are there! Thanks Leif!

This one involves two things I really like (@Virginamerica and @Gogoinflight), and one I’d rather not have to see myself when I fly (@footmassagesinflight is not taken!). @TheBudak

Yes – commenters… Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. But we still love them! @EverywhereTrip

Airlines are cutting corners on the inflight entertainment? @LPUSAstaff

Sadly, Orville was stopped at airport security for trying to carry a bottle of water on board. @hharteveldt

Nothing says Hanukkah like a mariachi band! @nerdseyeview

I absolutely love “people watching” at the airport – you just know that you will always run into someone who looks like they belong on “people of Walmart“. @reidontravel