Food-for-sale menu on airlines: How much would you pay for a Clif bar?

Over at Blogging Stocks, Zac’s posted a tidbit about the food-for-sale menu on American Airlines. The carrier is offering special menus through December 17. Each week there are new items. How does a $5 turkey sandwich sound? That’s the sandwich offering Nov. 5–Nov. 11.

Right now, it sounds good to me since I’m a bit hungry and I didn’t have lunch– particularly if it’s a sandwich made with multi-grain bread with a crunchy crust, crispy iceberg lettuce, a slice of juicy tomato, the right sized dollop of mayonnaise and a dash of black pepper–Oh, yes, and toast the bread please.

However, I don’t think I’d pay the $3 for a Clif Bar. First off, I don’t know what it is. I wasn’t willing to pay $5 for a cinnimon roll on Skybus either. Or $2 for that dinky cup of coffee. I was willing to pay for the breakfast sandwich though, although, the airline ran out so I didn’t get the chance. It was a good thing we sneaked food on since the $2 for a granola bar was way too much to ask, in my opinion. The $2 for a whole can of orange juice seemed reasonable enough, so I bought that. Besides, it helped wash down that bagel with cream cheese that I was carrying in my backpack.

As Zac points out, the overpriced food does help keep airfares down if people are willing to pay to quench their thirst and fill up their bellies. In general, I will fork over $5 for a bottle of wine. I don’t know why. Maybe because when I’m up in the air flying somewhere, it feels like a celebration. I get giddy. Plus, those bottles are kinda cute. What are you willing to pay for? If you can’t think of something how about. . .