Foods found when traveling that you have fallen in love with

Jeff White loved talking about food and travel. He’d try new foods, explore local customs and truly enjoyed sharing those stories with you. Enjoying food as much as I do, especially when traveling, I loved Jeff’s food posts. He loved discussing food and that’s what he did with all of you in this featured post. He compiled your responses to the question “What foods have you discovered while traveling that you now love?” and was so pleased with what you shared. Please honor Jeff’s memory by continuing this conversation. Post your favorite travel food memories in the comments or send us a tweet @Gadling.

A while ago, Gadling posted a question on our Twitter page asking people to name some foods that they discovered while traveling and now have a hard time living without.

Not surprisingly, the replies came in with votes for currywurst, Indian chai, exotic fruits and a variety of libations.

Here’s how some people answered our question. (Want to tell us a food you discovered while traveling and now can’t live without? Send you story here.)

Larry Bleiberg says, “Great question! Hard cider from UK. Taramasalata, Athens. Side note: Trader Joes started by selling stuff folks discovered traveling.”

Laura Byrne Paquet of Facing the Street says, “Believe it or not, I first got up the nerve to taste smoked salmon on trip to Scotland about a decade ago. Now I’m addicted.”
Nathan Midgley of Travel Weekly Blog says, “Currywurst. Classy, no? I also tried pure sulfer on White Island, NZ, but that wasn’t really a keeper.”

Alex H. of theycallmearex says, “In Taiwan it’s all about the fruits!–cherimoya, guava, ‘lien-au’, etc. Actually, I’ll try most any local foods in any country. Yum.”

Soultravelers3 says, ” We never had StickyToffeePudding, til we had it in our Spain village at 4 table restaurant by UK expats. Yum! We had it 1st nite back.”

NewWrldYankee says, “Beans on toast – sounds gross but can be perfect during exam time! And corn on pizza.”

Eva Holland says, “Fresh lime juice in KL. Real chai in India. Hand-pulled ales, ploughman’s lunches in UK. Of course, it’s never the same at home!”

Jessiev says, “NOT durian. Ha!”

Joodlenoodle says, “Tasted crystallized ginger candy at a temple outside Tokyo and now have to make my own because I can’t find the right kind anywhere!”

PAadventure says, “Most people have never heard of putting french fries on their sandwiches… until they go to Pittsburgh, PA and have a Primantis!”

TheWildPair says, “What foods have you learned about while traveling and can’t go without? Mangosteen! Fell in love with this fruit in Malaysia.