tripwolf and Footprint Handbooks team up

There are definitely some crazy partnerships popping up across the world wide web, but this one doesn’t really surprise me too much. The up-and-coming social travel guide teamed up with the fabulous Footprint Handbooks to provide even more travel information at your fingertips.

The idea here is to merge tripwolf’s user-generated content with the professional tips from Footprint. The beginning phase will begin by integrating Footprint’s Peru Handbook on the tripwolf site. Both European-based companies are hoping to develop increased readership and interest in travel destinations that are jointly covered.

What’s even cooler is that tripwolf, which is already available in English and German, will soon be accessible for Spanish, Italian, and French speaking travelers in a few months. While I find tripwolf only somewhat useful, the Footprint Handbooks are great travel resources particularly for people traveling in Europe.

This kind of partnership, which comes a year on the heels of the mega merge between BBC and Lonely Planet, appears to be a sign of the times: that the world is flattening, and traveling will become that much easier with a consolidation of worthy travel tips and information.