Beware of generous thugs – International travel tip

In certain countries a popular scam in tourist areas involves a lost wallet. It works like this:

  1. A stranger picks up a wallet in front of you.
  2. He offers you half the cash inside.
  3. If you accept, he disappears and his larger, angrier accomplice appears, demanding the full amount that was in the wallet.

In short: When traveling abroad, if something seems too good to be true, assume it is. Especially if it involves free money.

Grab a book of matches before leaving the room – Hotel tip

When visiting a foreign country, especially one with an unfamiliar language, grab a book of matches from the hotel where you’re staying as soon as you arrive.

If you get lost in town during your stay, and you know just a little of the language, the book of matches will be a great way to show locals where you need to go, and have them direct you to the right place.