Grand Prix Package A Special Event At Sea

Monaco’s Grand Prix has brought out the best of Formula One auto racing each year, and to race fans waiting for that starting flag to drop, there’s nothing better. In 1929, the first winner was a sleek Bugatti, completing the difficult course in just under four hours. Last year, racing legend Mark Weber crossed the finish line in less than two.

Want to know what next year will bring? Add the Grand Prix with Windstar package to a Yachting the Riviera yacht vacation.

Sail into the glamorous port of Monaco, on Windstar Cruises elegant sailing yacht Wind Surf, to experience the world’s most legendary auto racing event. With Windstar’s exclusive Grand Prix package added on to Wind Surf’s Yachting the Rivera voyage, race fans get preferred seating for the preliminaries on Saturday.

They’ll also get a glimpse at all the preparation that goes into the famous race, then the race itself on Sunday where they can cheer on their favorite driver with select seats.

Other highlights of the package include a night out in Monaco with dinner at the Café De Paris, followed by a night of gambling at Monte Carlo’s Grand Casino. Also included is an exclusive cocktail reception and Grand Prix dinner on board the yacht in Cannes as well as a special Sunday brunch the day of the race.

Rubbing elbows with the rich and famous has its cost though. The optional Grand Prix Package starts at $2,299 per person (in addition to cruise fare starting at $2999).

[Flickr photo by fusky]

Formula One returns to the United States – Austin to host races from 2012

Some fantastic news for Formula One fans all around the world – the most watched sport in the world is coming back to the United States – and will take place on a new track in Austin!

In the past, U.S. F1 races had been held in Watkins Glen, Indianapolis, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Detroit, Dallas and Phoenix. Sadly, after the 2007 season, it looked like the United States would be without a race for years to come.

Thankfully, a major US investor has committed to constructing a brand new venue, and secured a ten year agreement to host the event in Austin. The new track will be built by Full Throttle Productions, who are now the promoter of the United States Grand Prix.

City of Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell went on record to say “The City of Austin will be proud to host this magnificent event and I look forward to welcoming the participants and fans of Formula One to our City.”

Austin already has a great amount of experience hosting large events, and I’m sure the city will be able to put on a fantastic show when thousands of F1 fans show up for a weekend of racing. Congratulations to Austin – the Gadling team spent some time in your magnificent city earlier this month, and I for one will gladly return to enjoy the Formula One race at your new track.

Driving 200 MPH at Night on Singapore’s Streets

Some people are passionate about disliking Singapore. “It’s boring!!!” Sure, parts of the city-state resemble a particularly sterile shopping mall, but there is a lot going on there these days. One of the biggest to-dos has to do with the world’s greatest open-wheel racing series, Formula One. On September 28th, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, and the rest will race in the first ever F1 night race.

That’s right, not only is Singapore the only place where you can get a ticket for spitting out your gum on the sidewalk, it is the only place to host a Formula One race under the lights.

Are there any motor sports fans in Singapore? Judging from the fact that only 5% of the tickets remain unsold, I’d have to say yes. F1 is a status symbol. Hosting a race puts you alongside the likes of Monaco. The street course in Singapore is no less spectacular, heading past Marina Square, St. Andrews Cathedral and City Hall. Some people will be lucky enough to be able to watch the race from their hotel window. Singapore might be boring, depending on who you ask. But no one would argue that going 200 miles-per-hour at night on its streets isn’t exciting.