Photo Of The Day: Framing The Louvre

It’s not easy to frame a scene perfectly for a photograph, especially at a popular spot full of tourists. But Flickr user Kumakulanui did it twice for today’s Photo of the Day. Taken at Paris‘ famed Louvre museum, he captures both the larger scene of people and architecture, as well as the close-up his travel companion is shooting on her camera. The result is a very clever double take, giving you two images for the price of one.

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[Photo credit: Peter Forster]

Photo of the day – arty rooster graffiti in Portugal

Many of us have a certain “thing” we like to photograph when traveling. For some, it’s food. For Gadling blogger Mike Barish, it’s amusing signs, as well as himself with various SkyMall products. Personally, I like graffiti, like today’s photo from Portugal taken by Flickr user Rita Moreno. The graffiti is practically arty in it’s framing, colors, and even the tears in the paint seem thoughtful and eye-catching.

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