Crazy in-flight video clips – vomiting, tasers and dancing girls

Crazy stuff happens when you lock people up in a metal tube with poor air circulation. Some freak out, others may start dancing. We’ve collected some of the funniest video clips from on board.

Riverdance on a plane? You bet! And I found it just as annoying as on the ground. ” Crazy lady freaks out” is about as creative as I could get with this one. She’s either loopy, or she managed to pop a couple of “special cookies” in the bathroom before landing.

Not a real clip, but this sketch from “How to irritate people” is a must watch (unless you are a pilot looking for fun things to do to us passengers).

This rapping Southwest Airlines flight attendant is brilliant – we’ve featured him before here on Gadling, but in case you missed him, this is a must watch.

“I’m going to be die – shoot me” – This is a pretty sad clip, but somehow I couldn’t help laughing. Poor guy is clearly freaking out.

“Tazed and confused in Vegas” would make a good name for a movie. But it is also what happened to this big guy. Being Tazed can’t be fun – but being Tazed on a plane must really suck.

This is what can happen when you offer live video programming. It is why airlines never pick “Final Destination” as the in-flight movie.

And finally, have you ever wondered what zero-G vomit looks like? Wonder no more! (Strong stomach required!)