Bargain Day at the Bronx Zoo

If you’re thinking about a trip to the Bronx Zoo as part of a New York City vacation, go on a Wednesday. This is the day when the admission cost is what you choose to donate. The place was packed, but not terribly so considering we went on the 4th of July.

We started our trip there at Union Square on 14th Street and 2nd Avenue. The 5 subway went within two blocks of the zoo’s entrance. I think the subway is a special thing to do in itself. Once the train crosses to the The Bronx, the train travels above ground so it’s a chance to get a top of the buildings view and glimpses of neighborhoods.

The Bronx Zoo is lush, expansive place with loads of trees that are as much a focus as the animals. On a hot day, this would be perfect. The trees kept us from getting wet when it started to rain. I’d also head to the zoo in the fall. I bet it’s gorgeous when the leaves turn colors.

Of all the exhibits, the World of Birds was my favorite. The exhibits are on two levels. The first floor gives you the bottom of the forest version of the birds’ habitat and the second floor is a top of the trees view.

One of my son’s favorite activities was the carousel. Instead of horses, the zoo’s version has gigantiic insects. My son chose a grasshopper.

Another thing I liked about The Bronx Zoo is it’s focus on environmentalism. There are several exhibits set up by the Wildlife Conservation Society that show the impact of humans on the environment and what people can do to help alter the course of destruction. Considering the zoo is in a part of the United States that has had to wrestle with this reality on a daily basis.

The most wonderful aspect of the zoo, however, was the people. Sure you can see exotic animals, but the variety of people here is perhaps unrivaled. There seemed to be families from all parts of the world enjoying the day along with us. It was terrific to think we could gather here on the 4th of July without spending a fortune to do it.