Paris Paparazzi: Organized tours to track down French celebrities

With their President Nicolas Sarkozy married to a fashionable ex-supermodel, and getting a lot of publicity on account of it, the French are currently consumed by the lives of celebrities. So what better way to feel truly part of French culture than taking part in the celebrity craze yourself?

Browsing through some French newspapers this morning I came across the Paris Paparazzi walking tour run by Parisian travel company Nomade Aventure. It’s basically a Hollywood star map inspired tour infused with some French flair; running around the city of lights — and apparently, stars — in the hopes of crossing a famed French celebrity hiding behind big black sunglasses. But in all the gallivanting around Saint Germain and Place de l’Odéon, the amount of celebrity sightings probably stays at a minimum.

It’s just another way to experience the romantic French capital. There is one catch however: the tour is only run in French. But maybe that is the only thing that makes something like this bearable.