“Frolf” away the fidgets – Road trip tip

Road trips all over America can be made into fun family adventures by simply investing in a few Frisbee golf discs. Disc golf courses can be found all over the country, from urban, technical courses to woodsy, hilly courses that offer beautiful views; the best part about this game is that it is free and fun for all ages!

Before your trip, map out a few Frisbee golf — or “frolf” courses — and any time your muscles start aching and you want to get out and stretch, detour a bit to a “frolf” course and start throwing.

Rules of play and a course locator can be found at www.pdga.com.

Bonus: while frolfing, you may meet some locals who can provide tips for dining out on the road or other fun detours.

Go back to a simpler day at Beaver Creek Resort Summer Camp

Once upon a time, you’d take off in the summer with a sleeping bag, a fishing pole and a pocket knife. Summer camp offered all the soft challenges you could imagine (such as stomaching awful food), but you always had a blast. No responsibilities weighed you down. Today, though, those days are gone. You worry about paying the mortgage, getting to work on time and keeping your kids entertained.

If only you could go back … if only for a little while.

Vail Beaver Creek Resort Properties has the answer: “Camp Not Exactly Roughing It.” Blend the excitement and freedom of summer camp from your childhood with cocktails and cuisine that is far from revolting, and you have the perfect adult getaway (especially if you get some mile-high action en route).

Oh, and you’ll stay in one of Beaver Creek’s resorts or condos instead of a dumpy cabin or (blech) tent.

This program runs from June 13 to September 7, 2009. So, be ready to do all the hiking your legs will handle. Play a little frisbee golf or learn to fly fish. You’ll also get two lift tickets up Beaver Creek mountain (enjoy the view) and breakfast for two ever day. Horseback riding, ziplining, bungee trampoline, mountain bike rentals and hot air balloon trips are also available. You can get in on this action for $262 a night, for a minimum of three nights.