Photo of the day: Marina Beach, Chennai, India

This shot of Marina Beach in Chennai in India evokes numerous desires within me–ones that can be easily reduced to a checklist:

1. Visit India.
2. Visit Marina Beach in Chennai.
3. Fly kites more often.
4. Go to beaches at night more often.
5. Take photos more often.

Funny how much want a simple photo can initiate…

Be that wanting as it may, I really love this photo. Taken by Keith Pennington, the photo offers up a nice representation of how popular Marina Beach is in Chennai.

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Photo of the Day (12-9-07)

This cheerful and fun photo, titled “Full Moon Offerings” was captured by LadyExpat in Indonesia. I love the bright colors and the fact that I can’t identify a lot of the what these ladies are carrying. And don’t they sort invoke the spirit of Carmen Miranda?

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