BusJunction helps prevent you from boarding a sketchy bus

Back in April we wrote about one-stop bus transport site BusJunction. Their service allows you to browse schedules of 14 different bus services, and purchase tickets on their site. Until now, you did not really have a good way of knowing just what kind of service you could expect.

With some of the horror stories of bus fires and buses losing their wheels on the highway, it’s reassuring to be able to make an informed decision before clicking “buy now”.

The reviews are provided by review site Yelp, which means you too can contribute to the collection of reviews after you’ve tried a bus line. Even if you don’t plan to take the bus any time soon, it is pretty entertaining to read the reviews, and get an idea of just how low-cost some of these bus lines are.

You’ll find BusJunction here
, and once you find a bus itinerary you like, simply click the star rating next to its name for the review.

Fung Wah bus adds New York – Providence route to their network

The Fung Wah Chinatown bus has long been a cheap and reliable way to get between New York and Boston, and as of June 15th, they will also operate a new route between New York Chinatown and downtown Providence, RI.

The 3 hour ride will cost $40 each way, and there are only 2 departure times in the schedule; 7am and 9am for Providence to New York and 4:15pm and 6:15pm for the reverse ride.

Despite the limited schedule, this is a cheap and simple way to get between these 2 cities, and certainly beats the hassle of flying.

If you are looking for simple way to find the best budget bus service, don’t forget to check out busjunction.com, or read our quick review of their service here.