Newest Garmin Oregon GPS unit adds a camera and about $100

Earlier this year, I took a look at the Garmin Oregon 400t rugged outdoor GPS unit. In that review I mentioned how impressed I was with the build quality and features of the device.

Now, take that rugged unit, add a camera and about $100, and you get the upcoming Oregon 500.

By adding a camera to the GPS unit, you’ll now be able to snap photos, tag them with your location, and view them once you get back home. I imagine the device also allows you to do some geocacheing with photos.

Sadly, that is about all we know about this unit, as Garmin have not yet officially announced it. Its existence was leaked last month, and the first photo of the unit appeared on a UK web site last week (the photo above is of the 400t).

Hopefully Garmin won’t make us wait too much longer to learn more about this new device as I really like the idea of a camera enabled GPS device!