Gary, Indiana to honor the late King of Pop with a theme park

It is hard to write about Gary, Indiana without insulting them. I’ll admit that most of my experiences with Gary have involved little more than driving through the city on my way to Michigan, but from what I’ve seen when speeding down I90 has never really been interesting enough to stop and learn more about what they have to offer.

That is all about to change, because Gary has decided to build a theme park dedicated to its most famous one time resident – Michael Jackson. Before Jackson passed away, I did not even know he was born in Gary, something I’m sure I share with many others.

Work on the theme park is scheduled to begin this year – and will include a rollercoaster (called Thriller), a Ferris wheel, a zoo, a museum and even classic carnival rides moved from the pop singers famous Neverland Ranch.

Now, before you load up the family truckster for a trip to Gary, you’ll be disappointed to know that constructing the theme park will be a ten year project, and will start with a museum and an art center. Out of respect for Gary, I’ve added a photo of the Neverland Ranch – you’d be surprised to know that there are no cheerful photos of Gary on the Internet.

[Via: Jaunted]

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