New York City Hotel Sells ‘Slumber Parties’ In New Multi-Person Rooms

It’s not what it sounds like – or is it? NYC’s The Out Hotel, the city’s first hotel targeted specifically at the gay audience (they call themselves “straight friendly”), is attempting to sell a hostel-style living situation where guests pay $99 per night to score a bed and an overnight reservation. These full-bedded bunk-bed style rooms will hold up to four guests and are charged per bed, and come with personal TVs, a bathroom, shower, full-length cubbies and privacy curtains.

While the concept is nothing new – hostels have been doing this for years – putting this type of accommodation just steps from Times Square and Broadway could do one of two things. The concept could be wildly successful, the perfect respite for budget-savvy solo travelers looking just to catch a few winks and maybe make a few friends in the process, or…. it could turn into a bit wilder. And don’t think about cuddling close to save money – the rate is for one person per bed only.

Either way, it’s a decent deal for a solo traveler with more liberal privacy issues. Rates with two doubles are going from around $309 a night for a weekend stay.