Genius or Useless: Swimeeze’s Disposable Swimsuits

Swimeeze’s disposable swimsuits are designed for hotel guests who want to relax by the pool but were too rushed (or too drunk) to pack their own suit. Made from Tyvek — used for everything from envelopes to HazMat suits — Swimeeze suits are priced low enough to throw away after one use, but hardy enough to be drip-dried and worn repeatedly — like on your next dive trip to Indonesia.

Clearly designed by the same dude who makes your grocer’s paper hat, Swimeeze’s suits are stylish — check out that “attractive ‘O’ cut in the back” of the ladies one-piece — and come individually packaged in various sizes for men, women, and children.

While I like the idea that I could go for a dip even though I forgot my trunks, I can’t imagine I’d be very relaxed wearing paper shorts. When I asked my wife if she’d wear one, her response was, “Would anybody see me?”

As soon as they realized what you were wearing, I think they’d avert their eyes.

[Via Travelpost]

Genius Or Useless: TravelKleen Headrest Protectors

According to TravelKleen, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention indicates that “there is a distinct possibility that air borne viruses can survive for short periods even on surfaces such as food tray tables, arm rests and seat backs.” Ick.

In order to prevent those seat back viruses from touching your face and head, TravelKleen has developed a lightweight, reusable fabric that acts as a barrier between seat-back and back-of-your-head. Boasting a special adhesive backing, the one-size-fits-all material is adjustable to the person, meaning kids can use it, too. A pair of TravelKleens costs $9.

Part of me thinks TravelKleens are genius: after reading what people are doing in the lavatories, I don’t want my face to touch those greasy seat backs. The other part of me thinks these are useless and that people just need to tough it out.

[Via Practical Travel Gear]