Metropolis Illinois – the offical home of Superman

To most people, Metropolis is the fictional city where Clark Kent writes for fictional newspaper “The Daily Planet”. To diehard fans, and residents of Metropolis, Illinois, their town is the real, and only home to Superman.

In fact, the Illinois state Legislature passed a resolution back in 1972 declaring Metropolis the “Hometown of Superman”, so the law is on their side.

Metropolis is more than just a funny name – the town is home to a large Superman statue, a Superman musuem and an annual Superman celebration. Their newspaper is called the Metropolis Planet and once a year, residents are allowed to swap their regular license plates for special Superman plates.

Of course, with just under 6500 people, Metropolis, IL is not as large as the fictional one, but that doesn’t make the residents less proud of their superhero.