GeoEx Family Adventures Provide Experiences Of A Lifetime

Adventure travel company GeoEx is one of the best in the business when it comes to organizing unique excursions to the far corners of the globe. For more than 30 years they’ve been planning trips to some of our planet’s more off-the-beaten-path locations, giving travelers experiences that simply can’t be found elsewhere. In fact, we recently shared five new destinations that the company is adding to its catalog for 2013, expanding their already impressive line-up even further.

While it is commonly known that the company caters to the experienced adventure traveler, not everyone is aware that they also offer a number of fantastic options for families. The GeoEx Family Adventures are designed for travelers of all ages, providing fun and adventurous options for everyone. These trips move at a bit more of a leisurely pace, allowing small children and older members of the family to stay together at all times. They also feature accommodations and activities that are geared for a wide range of ages, making it much easier for a multi-generational clan to enjoy traveling with one another.

Just because these trips are focused on the entire family doesn’t mean that they’ve dialed back on the adventure, however. Options include a hiking, biking and rafting excursion to Costa Rica’s rainforest, a trekking expedition to the Himalaya kingdom of Bhutan and family safaris to both Kenya and South Africa. In short, these are full-blown adventure travel experiences, complete with culture, history and wildlife, that just so happen to also be well tailored for both young and old. And just so parents can rest a little easier on these trips, GeoEx has a 24/7 safety network standing by to lend assistance should the need arise.

If you’re starting to plan options for family travel in 2013, the GeoEx Family Adventures are a great option. Check out the full list of available itineraries by clicking here.

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GeoEx Introduces 5 New Adventurous Destinations For 2013

As one of the best adventure travel companies on the planet, GeoEx (formerly Geographic Expeditions) is always looking for opportunities to visit new and unique destinations. For 2013, they’ve added five such places to their line-up, giving travelers a chance to explore the cultures and landscapes of some of the most fascinating countries on the planet.

The five new itineraries include a 10-day trip through Kipling’s Burma, which takes travelers to Myanmar to explore sacred temples and cruise the Irrawaddy River. GeoEx will also return to Cuba this year, taking guests on a trip though that nation’s living history. Those longing to experience Africa will be enthralled with their excursion to the iconic Namib Desert, where they’ll track wildlife in Namibia’s remarkable wilderness. A visit to Eastern Turkey will take travelers on a tour through the past, visiting the sites of numerous ancient empires, while the new Sri Lanka Explorer itinerary is an adventure that wanders from beautiful beaches to lush rainforests, before continuing on to mountain heights.

These new options are just a sampling of what GeoEx has to offer. The company organizes trips to just about every corner on the globe and chances are if there is a destination you want to visit, they can help you get there. Check out their full catalog online and you’ll begin to get a true sense of all the travel opportunities that they can provide.

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GeoEx iPad App Brings Travel Catalog Into The 21st Century

For more than 30 years, Geographical Expeditions, or GeoEx as they are more commonly known, has been at the forefront of adventure travel. Since its founding in a tent on the Tibetan Plateau back in 1982, the company has been focused on providing the best travel experiences possible and as a result, it now offers itineraries to 150 countries and to all seven continents. With that pioneering spirit in mind, it should come as no surprise that the company is also charting new paths in the digital age. GeoEx has recently taken the eco-conscious, not to mention very convenient, step to release its latest catalog as an iPad app.

This high-tech approach to introducing travelers to all the options that GeoEx offers brings some fantastic innovations to the humble travel catalog we all know and love. For instance, in addition to the fantastic text that describes each and every trip in detail, the app is filled with beautiful, high-quality images. Those images have a small camera icon attached to them and touching that icon opens a window that provides captions and photo credits. A similar looking suitcase icon along the margin of the page reveals the trip’s daily itinerary while a magnifying glass provides more detailed information about the trip. Various animal icons are also sprinkled throughout the catalog as well and tapping one shows trip highlights for kids. That last option is especially helpful for parents planning a family escape that will appeal to all ages.

Navigating through the catalog is a breeze as on-screen icons allow readers to quickly jump to any page in the book or backtrack through previous pages no matter which order they’ve been viewed. I especially enjoyed the ability to mark a trip as a “favorite,” which made it a snap to find them again when I wanted review options for upcoming trips.

The new GeoEx iPad app is a fun way to discover new travel options or simply dream about your next adventure. It is absolutely free to download and you’ll love flipping through its virtual pages while plotting your next escape.

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