Ghosts Of War: Photographer Overlays ‘Then’ And ‘Now’ Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They also say that a photo can capture a memory. Which partially explains why we’re so fascinated by photographer Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse’s haunting overlays in the “Ghosts of War” series (see her Flickr and Facebook pages here), which takes images of locations today and overlays them with people-filled images from World War II. The series showcases locations in France, Auschwitz, Poland, Germany and Amsterdam.

Dutch historian Teeuwisse found negatives at an Amsterdam flea market and had the idea to begin this series, the Daily Mail reported. Each photograph and location is researched before being put together. We’re fascinated by the idea of seeing modern-day locations in historic and haunting context.

Which image is your favorite?

[Photos used with permission from flickr user juffrouwjo]