Giving Or Receiving, Cruise Travel Bargains Plentiful This Season

Cruise lines always seem to have a sale of some kind or another going on. But when we talk about buying a cruise at this time of year, it’s a matter of “Do you want to go on a cruise or do you want to give a cruise as a gift?”

Going on a cruise over the holidays can easily take care of everyone on the shopping list. Many families choose to cruise on holiday sailings just for that reason, if not to leave dear Aunt Annoying and her downer cousins on the shore.

Giving a cruise can be equally rewarding this season. The deposit for a cruise or a cruise gift certificate that can be redeemed at a later date is an increasingly popular option. For frequent cruise travelers, adding on-board credit to spend as they wish on an upcoming sailing is always appreciated.Want to have fun with the gift of a cruise? Go to a hobby or crafts store and buy separate wooden letters that spell out “cruise.” Mix them all up, put them in a box, gift wrap it and put it under the tree. It’s a fun time for all as the receiver tries to figure out what those letters spell, and a huge photo op to catch their face when they figure it out.

Looking for some outstanding cruise deals? Cruise Holidays has Avalon Waterways with free air credit on select sailings, savings on Carnival Cruise Line’s South America itineraries and savings of up to $1000 on Royal Caribbean cruises.

[Photo Credit: Flickr user gailf548]

Last Minute Gift Ideas at Flight 001

Being the bearer of bad news has never been my sort of thing (especially around holidays), so I’ll spare my comments on how expedited shipping is going to tear into your pocketbook and soul if you haven’t already purchased holiday gifts for your loved ones. Flight 001, a favorite travel gear site of mine, has some last minute recommendations for those who feel left in the dark about what to nab next. You can order as late as December 21 and still get nifty luggage tags, retro jet set bags and other travel treasures into their hands for whenever. The prices have never been considered outrageous at Flight 001 and you should be able to score a pretty sweet deal if you act now. Otherwise, count on spending just as much on your shipping as you did on the purchase.

It happened to me today. I wanted to cry. Hurry up holidays and end!