GigaPan Epic 100 panoramic photo maker gets the Engadget hands-on

Back in January, we wrote about an absolutely astounding photo of the Presidential Inauguration. The photo was stiched together from 100’s of individual photos, made with a GigaPan device which controls the camera movements.

Our buddies over at Engadget just took the GigaPan for a spin and made some of their own panoramic photos.

The results are surprisingly good. They had some minor gripes with its weight, but were generally impressed with the unit and its amazing photo stitching software.

So, head on over to Engadget
to check out the GigaPan Epic 100, and the results of their panoramic shooting spree using this $449 robot.

Absolutely breathtaking photo of the Presidential inauguration

By now I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of photo and video material of the inauguration of our 44th President.

The picture you see above it probably no different from any of the other of 1000’s made that day.

There is however one big difference – it is a whopping 1,474 megapixels. For comparison – your home camera probably shoots in 7 or 8 megapixels.

Of course, a massive photo is useless without some fancy tricks to help view it, so click here to view the original, and use your mouse or keyboard to scroll around or zoom in – you’ll be able to zoom in far enough to see who in the crowds around President Obama was bored, and who was freezing their backside off in the frigid DC weather.

The photo was made by David Bergman with a regular Canon G10 camera, mounted on a Gigapan robotic mount. The final image is built around 220 different photos, and took almost 7 hours to create on his Mac.

If you are feeling creative, and want to make your own panoramic photos, you can buy your own Gigapan robotic mount for just $279.