Photo Of The Day: Chennai, India

Dried ginger, like other dried goods, requires careful preparation. The ginger root must be washed, peeled, sliced and left out in the sun to dry over time. This photo by photographer Keith Pennington captures three Indian women taking on the task of drying ginger in Chennai, India. I love this shot not only for its candid nature, but also because it somehow depicts the heat of the sun and the meditation behind the practice. If you have a photo you’d like to submit for Photo Of The Day, just upload it to the Gadling Flickr Pool.

Calling all gingers for Holland’s redhead festival!

Coebergh Redhead Festival is an event in Breda, Holland, which originated in 2005 and is now a worldwide annual phenomenon. Thousands of natural — or so they claim — redheads from all over the globe (over 36 countries in 2009) will gather in Breda’s Big Square, Grote Markt, for photoshoots, musical performances, a fashion show, lectures about the origins and significance of red hair and more.

The Coebergh (a popular women’s drink) Redhead Festival or “Redhead Day” was originally conceived by artist Bart Rouwenhorst, and art features heavily in the festivities, which include a “red” exhibition in nearby Grote Kerk with a giant, red Rapunzel braid as the central work.

Sunday, September 5, 2010 is the big day. If you want to go to Breda, the nearest airports are Rotterdam and Eindhoven, but you can also fly into Amsterdam Schiphol or Brussels Zaventem (they’re equidistant from Breda) and take the train. You can find a hotel here at the Breda Tourist Office.

To participate in Sunday’s (and the preceding Saturday’s) exciting activities for the fair of skin and red of hair, just register on the website by clicking here. It’s free of charge, and what could be more fun than to walk in a gingery sea of your own kind?

[Photo by e3000 via Flickr.]

Use ginger – Cruise trip tip

Pack ginger.

Have you tried wrist bands and/or patches to soothe a queasy, seasick stomach and found they didn’t work? Here is a tried-and-true herbal remedy:

  • Thirty days before the cruise, start taking 2 ginger tablets every day.
  • Seven days before the cruise, begin taking 1 non-drowsy Dramamine along with the ginger tablets.
  • During the cruise, continue taking the ginger and Dramamine.

This should help resolve any sea sickness during a cruise. Happy Sailing!