White & Church in TriBeCa, New York, serves worm, scorpion, and cricket cocktails

This past summer, White & Church opened in TriBeCa, New York, as an inventive Italian restaurant with an extensive cocktail list. On the drink menu, not only will you find interesting food-based cocktails such as a Bloody Mary mixed with mussels, as well as nature-inspired libations including a martini made from smoked tree-bark, you will also find cocktails that include bugs.

No more are the days when you can get a drink on the house if you find an insect in your vodka. At White & Church, that insect is actually a garnish.

Some of the bug cocktail options you can sample here, according to Brian Niemietz of the New York Post, include:

  • Summer-This piña-colada style drink is garnished with bamboo (don’t eat) and crickets (eat). Supposedly, they add an element of sweetness to the cocktail.
  • Blue Velvet– This brandy-based libation is a mixture of Sambucca and Créme de Menthe and is topped with a scorpion. Don’t worry, it’s not alive.
  • Why Not– This frozen cocktail is similar to a margarita with the addition of avocado, red pepper, and spicy worms.

Want to see how these cocktails are made for yourself? Check out this video: