Guava Magazine: The Girl's Guide to Travel

Boys look away now. This travel installment is
for the ladies only, but if you choose to stay then don’t say I didn’t try to warn you. Then again you may learn a few
things or two about your female counterpart and travel companion so stick around.

Guava Magazine is what I’m getting to and while I’m not sure how long this
periodical has been in circulation – It’s the full on girl’s guide to travel. Women, think about the times you woke up
the day before or morning of your big camping/hiking trip to discover the Fairy Godmother of PMS decided to bless you
with her presence. You’ve got cramps so bad they’d put even the toughest boot camp drill sergeant to shame, but you’re
still ready to spend a day in mother nature’s kinder environments. Carpe diem, right? Well, Guava does a fine job of highlighting three hikes in the Maryland area and
lists them by mood which isperfect for those that tends to have swings. How sweet. But let’s not linger on things we
already dread, they’ve got several other articles worth reading.

Check out their 5 reasons for going on your big road trip alone
(worry about getting a flat later) and just because the ticket to Paris didn’t cost you a small fortune doesn’t mean
shopping should. Look into their best-thrift Paris guide. For the most part I’d say Guava has something for every