Cutlery on the Go has a lot of interesting travel gear for sale, including this Cutlery on the Go silverware set.

“Handy for travel, camping, and ‘on the go’ activities, the nomad is a fork, a knife, a spoon and a bottle opener in one – that folds neatly into a plastic compact cover when not in use.” The cover is attached to a 34″ nylon strap so you can wear it around your neck for easy access. Then you can punch some holes in ketchup packets and wear them as earings, duct tape some hot dogs to your chest, and fashion a shirt out of napkins.

You’ll be set for lunch. [via]

Modern Yurts: The Nomad

The traditional yurt — first used in the nomadic cultures of Central Asia — is being modernized and marketed towards the rich glampers of today. Leading this trend is the Nomad (above) yurt by Ecoshack. For a cool $6,800 USD you get a kit containing everything you need to construct the most advanced yurt currently available — complete with a “beautifully sealed and sanded platform floor surface.” An extra $1,500 will get you a WeatherMax cover to keep the rain out.

Cool, but expensive. If you’re looking to build your own yurt, there are plenty of resources online to make a cheaper version of the Nomad. Start with Dan Kuehn’s Mongolian Cloud Houses: How to Make a Yurt and Live Comfortably. [via]

Woods Solar-Powered EZ-Tent

Gone are the days are drooling all over that flashlight jammed in your mouth as you rifle through your bag in search of your toothbrush. Woods’ Solar-Powered EZ-Tent features a removable, 7-inch solar panel on the top of the tent’s hub; 4-6 hours of direct light yields 2-4 hours of tent light. The energy stored can be used to operate the tent’s integrated LED rope lights; to operate the removable hand-held flashlight that hangs from the center of the tent; or to charge a completely separate set of batteries.

Glampers can even choose to use the auto-on function that tells the lights to turn on as the sun sets, creating a nice mood for dusk. Despite all the sand you’ve tracked in, the place sure feels homey. The tents come in either 4-person ($206) or 6-person models ($250).

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* Solar Cooled Pith Helmet

The Daiquiri Whacker Is A Gas Powered Blender

Attention, glampers!

How many times have you felt the need for a frozen daiquiri while in the woods? How often have you wished you could cut through all that silence so you could crush some ice and mix it with alcohol right from the bed of your truck? Well, now you can!

The Daiquiri Whacker is a gas-powered, go-anywhere party starter. Portable and powerful, the unit’s twist throttle gives you precise RPM control — so you can let everyone in the campground know exactly what you’re up to.

The $299 set comes complete with one unbreakable blender jar; one Mountain Safety Research aluminum fuel bottle; and enough two stroke oil to to treat one gallon of gas. All you have to do is bring mixers and booze — and the daiquiri glasses.

T@B: the Travel Trailer for Roaming Urbanites

We’ve been noticing a wave of modern campers that are making their presence known in the world of glamping this year. Along with the Deseo, and Desgin Within Reach’s collaboration with Airstream, newcomer (to us, anyway) T@B is offering a “smart, stylish, independent” travel trailer for roaming urbanites with an itch to hit the road in style.

What’s unique about the T@B is its low weight and small footprint, which makes towing a cinch. According to their FAQ, “Most light trucks and SUVs can easily handle the T@B. In addition, many mini vans and passenger cars can also pull them.” Combine that with multiple floor plans, color schemes, and extras to choose from, and you’ve got yourself a highly customizable trailer that appeals to the pickiest of travelers.

Can you say Camping 2.0?